Third field work of our english group

Field works of English team

  On 14th of October, we met again next to the Pieni-Valkeinen lake to do new tasks.we started with measuring Oxygen levels, PH, Electrical conductivity of incoming lake water and outcoming lake water.

First task: measuring Oxygen, PH, Electrical conductivity 

Kasia and Teeme- measuring Oxygen levels(Iso-Valkeinen incoming water)
 Liuhai and Hellen-measuring Conductivity levels(Iso-Valkeinen incoming water)
        Hellen-measuring PH levels (Iso-Valkeinen incoming water)
Kasia and Teeme-measuring Oxygen and PH levels(Pieni-Valkeinen outcoming water)
Liu Hai and Teeme-measuring Conductivity levels(Pieni-Valkeinen outcoming water)
Otto and Kasia-measuring Oxygen,PH,Conductivity(Pieni-Valkeinen incoming water)

The result:the follow is date of measurement(PH,Conductivity,Oxygen)

Second Task: measuring the level

The aim of Second task was to measure the level between the lake water surface and the near ground.

            Teemu-measuring the lake level(Pieni-Valkeinen)
             Teemu-measuring the near ground level((Pieni-Valk)
    Henlik and Otto-measuring the lake and ground levels(Iso-Valkeinen)

 The result: the following is the level date of lakes

  so, we have finnished all the task.thank you.                                    


  1. Thank you for your report and nice photos. The results of the field measurements shows clearly that incoming water is slightly different than out coming water. Higher conductivity tells us that, incoming water contains solid matter and perhaps some pollutants which dilutes in a Pieni-Valkeinen lake. I think all groups (except one) measured significantly higher conductivity for incoming than outgoing stream. Also pH is higher.

    Great, you have also made to verified the water level measurements by closing a measurement circle. So, the error of measurement was 35.3 cm. I think this is too much in this kind of case, if I understand correctly your results. What is main reason for error? Please, write your opinion in comments.


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